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Friday, October 31, 2008

YW in Excellence

We had our YW in Excellence program on Wednesday. It went soooo well! The theme was God's Crown Jewels. I was in charge of refreshments and Ane asked me to make a cake. So I did. I baked and layered the top layer, let it settle for a few hours and then frosted it, let it settle some more and then put the fondant on. When I got up in the morning (the day of the activity), the cake had settled even more! I had to take the fondant off, carve the cake so it was round again, go to the store to buy more butter for the frosting and more marshmallows for the fondant, make more frosting and fondant and do it all over again! I tried using the Wilton glitter gels for the jewels, and when I put them on, it started dripping. I kept trying to fix it and finally gave up because I was so sick of working on this cake. That is why the middle jewel looks like crap. I also didn't feel like making a whole new batch of icing made out of crisco just to do a little bit of decorating, so I used my buttercream that was actually made out of butter instead of crisco, and well...of course it melted as I was working, so my straight lines on the harlequin pattern aren't so straight! haha! Oh well! Again...I was so frustrated with this cake, I just reached the point of not caring! I could have done better, but 15 hours of working on this cake was more than I could handle for a YW's activity. Oh well! It was still delicious, though!


Charlotte said...

I think it looks great and I'm sure the girls were impressed.

Rachel said...

wow! that is an amazing cake! I didn't know you knew how to make cakes like that. Even after reading the explanation I don't see the problems- it is beautiful.