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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Last Harvest

The first snow of the season came over the weekend, therefore causing us to have to make the final harvest of the gardening season. On Friday we picked everything before the temperature dropped below freezing. It took us about 3 hours to pick all the winter squash and tomatoes. We even picked the healthy looking green ones so that we could put them in our window and have them ripen that way. We helped with my moms garden along with ours and Katie Carlile's (the YW in my ward that got to have a bed in my mom's garden so that she could grow her own little garden as part of 2 Personal Progress projects AND her Young Women's in Excellence project. GO KATIE!). On Saturday, Katie came with us so that we could tear out all the plants and turn over the soil in the beds for the next season. While we were working that morning, it started to snow!!! It was crazy!! Katie refused to wear a jacket for the first hour, so her arms got all scraped up from the squash plants. If you saw her arms, you'd think she had problems with self mutilation. Finally I couldn't stand looking at her freezing anymore so I insisted she wear one of my mom's coats. Crazy girl!


One last pic of the garden

Katie's garden bed

With ONE pumpkin plant, I grew 10 beautiful pumpkins!! I love it!!

This is Katie's giant pumpkin. I put one of my normal ones next to it so that you could kinda see how big hers is.

My mom missed a few zucchini over the past few months. I found the largest one a month ago and told her to let it grow and see how big it would get.

This is everything that we picked

The HUGE zucchini

Tim's trying to wrap his hands around it. His thumbs are touching in the back.

Gavin wanted to be outside with us, but he was too cold, so he wanted Tim to hold him in Grandpa's jacket. Gavin sure makes work easier


This is Katie pulling her squash plants out

She did it!
Stuffing the garbage bags full of all our plants (I swear I was helping with everything! I just had to document with pictures along the way)
Turning the soil over
Some of my beds and Katie's bed after we turned the soil. We're done!!

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Gary and Renee said...

I LOVE the giant zucchini- for some reason I find it hilarious!