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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Courtney-Tricia Spectacular

The Decorations: tacky, yet beautiful!

The Hors D'oeuvres

The Costumes
Us (Tim's a male dancer, or as my mom would call them, Balleweenies)

Ashlee as a modest, hot Pussycat Doll

Courtney as a lunch lady...she looked absolutely hideous with the mustache, unibrow,, the whole costume

Caroline (Courtney's sister) as a lumberjack

Patrick and Macy

Cameron (Courtney's brother) and Rachel

Tim playing his part

Round 1: Eat a Twinkie

first 4 (Ashlee, Caroline-but Cameron did the round for her- Tim and me) done advanced to...
Round 2: eat Vienna Sausages... *barf*

First 2 (Tim and Caroline) done advanced to...
Round 3: with your mouth, grab the gumball out of the fake poop. First to blow a bubble WINS

Caroline and Tim chewing their gum
We had a pumpkin carving contest too...
We both were able to fit in the coveralls with them zipped all the way up...who would have thought!


Phil and Ashlee said...

I love this post. Almost as much as I loved the party.. almost. My throat still felt like I had Vienna Sausages stuck in it on Sunday morning... BARF

Jenny said...

Oh wow!!!! Your party looked amazing! I have to ask what in the world were those toe/finger looking things? I think I would be very nervous to eat one of those!! Tim's costume was classic, ha ha!!

Shane said...

Tim is nothing more than a punk...Happy Halloween

Chunk N ME said...

K - I think I puked at the diaper part! LOL!! where do you come up with this stuff? :) YOU ROCK!!