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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We probably had the best Labor Day Weekend out of EVERYONE! Just trust me on this! We were so productive and was CRAZY! We started the weekend out by borrowing The Office Season 1 and 2 from Ane.

We finished both seasons by Saturday afternoon. I can't really remember what we did for the rest of Saturday, but it probably wasn't as cool as sitting on our butts while watching Michael make an idiot out of himself once again and wondering whether Pam and Jim will just hook up already.
On Sunday, I picked up Season 3 from Ane and we watched some of that while eating some yummy salmon. Monday morning, starting at 3 AM, Tim woke up because the yummy salmon I made him the night before poisoned him. His body just can't handle fine cuisine. He stayed in the bathroom from 3:00-9:00, throwing up almost non-stop. At about 9:00, he finally emerged and came down stairs so that we could watch more of The Office. We had to put it on pause a couple of times so Tim could purged his system of my excellent cooking. While Tim was in the bathroom one of those times, Gavin got in the pantry and found one of his boxes of soy milk. He took it over to the couch, tore off the seal, shoved the open box down between the couch cushions and poured almost the ENTIRE box of milk in the couch. He had the biggest grin on his face while doing it and then triumphantly yelled, "Yay! I did it!". That all took place in about 3 joke. Of course I freaked out a little, Gavin started crying, Tim came running in the room to see what happened, and I tried to clean it up.
Since the couch was indisposed at the moment, Tim had to make a little bed for himself on the floor. Gavin came and joined him and wouldn't leave his side until it was time for his nap. Tim and I continued to watch The Office. At about 1:00ish in the afternoon, Tim went to sleep and pretty much slept straight through until 6:30 Tuesday morning when it was time to get ready for work. I told you...we're CRAZY WILD! No one can handle us.

Tim and Gavin watching the office

We're pretty addicted to The Office now (only 21 more days!!) and I love Jim and Pam. I was thinking, Tim's name is Tim Edward Layton... I could start calling him Jim (because that's REALLY close to Tim and Jim is so awesome!) Edward (that's his real middle name and it's so perfect because it's the same name as my fictional love interest from Twilight)...Jim Edward Layton! Awww...perfect! My own, personal Jim and Edward...I bet none of you can say the same!

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Chunk N ME said...

ROFL!!!! You are hilarious! :) Poor Tim/Jim/Edward!! Hope he feels better. maybe when you watch Season4