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Friday, August 8, 2008

They Did It!!

Tim's younger brother, Scott, got married this past Saturday to Trisha. All of Tim's siblings are now married off. It was a beautiful wedding and Trisha looked gorgeous! The day before, all the girls went out and got pedicures and manicures. It was Tammy's (Tim's mom) first time ever getting one. Trisha couldn't understand the guy that was doing her feet. At one point she thought he asked her if he could have a hug! haha It was so funny! Jen and I had to keep translating for her. Poor guy! Later that evening we went to Bajios with Trisha's family. Super yummy! Gavin INSISTED on wearing his green boots EVERYWHERE! He almost had a meltdown because we wouldn't let him wear them to the wedding.

The wedding was a success...Trisha said yes. Everyone had a good time and Scott and Trisha, we think, made it safely to where ever they were going. There weren't any catastrophes. The lady who made the wedding cake, though, dropped it off and and informed Trisha she didn't have time to put the flowers on the cake, so we grabbed the amazing Taryn and Jen who ended up saving the day! YAY! Anyways, congrats Scott and Trisha!

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