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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We bought these boots for Gavin a few months ago and ge can't get enough of them! If he could have his way, he would wear them EVERYWHERE! He asks us if he can wear them to bed too. I'm telling ya, this kid is crazy! He's stomping around the house in them right this very second. Here's some pictures that were taken just during the week that Tim's parents were here. This isn't counting all the other hundreds of times he's worn them.

At Scott and Trisha's dinner the night before the wedding

At Great Grandma and Grandpa Layton's house. Gavin and his second cousin, Luke, were stomping around in a puddle. In this picture, Gavin is counting to three because that's what we were doing when we were trying to take pictures of him.

Gavin and Luke in the puddle
Trying to ride his bike
Just walking around the house right before bedtime


Stringfellow Family said...

Tricia he is sooo CUTE! K I totally know what you are going through! Bridger was the same way with his cowboy boots! In fact they are actaully too small and he still tries to put them on and he cries because they don't fit! So I finally had to hide them! Don't worry though he will get some new ones once it starts getting cold again!lol

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Yes, Gavin is adorable! But that picture of him at the top of your page with the snot dripping down about to get into his mouth is pretty much disgusting! Especially since I'm sure he licked it up about 30 seconds later :)

Britton and Aubrey said...

Hey Tricia! I found your blog off of facebook. Gavin is so cute! I love those boots. I hope you are all doing well!