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Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn

On Friday, Aug. 1, Courtney, Ashlee, Katie (my lil sis) and I went to the midnight release of the highly anticipated BREAKING DAWN!! We went to Chilis before we made the daring voyage over the Barnes & Noble. We thought we were the biggest nerds for even going to this thing, but we were by far some of the most boring people there. Somehow we missed the memo that it was a 'Bella's Prom' themed party. Girls rented limos to drop them off. Some brought dates. A group of girls showed up in a silver Volvo (like the one that Edward drives in the book) and had it decorated like it was Edward and Bella's wedding car. Inside the store you could get your picture taken with two people dressed up as Edward and Bella. There were about 1500 people there for the release! INSANE!! When we found out that we were at the back of line and would probably have to wait until 4ish in the morning before we got out book, Katie and I started driving around the WalMarts to find one that wasn't so crowded. We finally found one and at 11:45 we had the book in our hands and by 12:05 we were done! GO WALMART!

I'm glad I didn't wait until 4 in the morning to get this book, because it was a huge disappointment. It is definitely my least favorite book in the series and probably one of my least favorite books I've ever read. It was NOTHING like the first three. I wanted some hardcore fighting, scandals, death, cheesy comments from Edward and everything else that I loved from the first three books, but there was none of that. There were some truly disgusting moments and things that were really disturbing and wrong. The last section of the book was a lot more of what I was expecting, but still fell short of good.

We are so000 excited
This lady in the wedding dress was in her 50's or somewhere around that age....
He's just creepy...
She was my favorite person there. She's supposed to be Bella as a vampire in her Prom dress

One of the many limos girls came in

I was so bored at Barnes & Nobles waiting for the book to come out
The mission was a success!


Stringfellow Family said...

OOh I am sad to hear the book was such a letdown:( At least I won't have my hopes up!LOL Those poeple are was prolly my Mom in the wedding dress!LOL

Chunk N ME said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG PAGE!!! It's rockin and YES, BD needs to go in the fire and YES, we can write our own endings! :) have a good one! your crazy friend! :)