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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tim Update

Ok, so we went to the doctors today and GOOD NEWS!!! He doesn't need surgery! The doc said that he broke his scapula in three places and that a couple of the breaks got REALLY close to the socket, but they didn't go all the way through! He was surprised that with a break that bad that it didn't go to the socket. We're really REALLY lucky and blessed! Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. You really have no idea what a blessing it is to our family for Tim to not have to get surgery! Oh yeah, I almost forgot...he doesn't have to wear a sling or anything either! The doctor said if it's uncomfortable without a sling, then go ahead and wear it. It's just whatever feels comfortable for Tim! I don't have to bathe and dress him anymore AND he can drive himself to work now! I can also continue working because he can take care of Gavin! This is GREAT! YAY! He goes back to the doc on Aug. 21 to get more x-rays to see if everything is healing. Hopefully he doesn't do something crazy before then!

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Chunk N ME said...

TRICIA!!!YAY!!! I'm sooo soo soo happy for yoU! What a great blessing!! YAY!!!! Those sponge baths should really wait until you're like 80 anyways ;). I'm so happy!!! Thanks for the update! :)