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Friday, July 25, 2008

My garden!

My garden this year has been CRAZY!! I've got a kitchen counter COVERED with zucchini and yellow squash. We've been eating that stuff every night for the past two weeks and we still have too much! Each of my yellow squash plants has about 20 squash on it, and I have 3 of those plants! My zucchini is slowing down a little. I'm only picking one, maybe 2 a day now instead of 3 or 4 a day. We've got 4 watermelons growing and 5 pumpkins!! One of them is pretty big already, but it hasn't turned orange yet. We picked our first green bean today, and Tim ate it before I could take a picture. We got our first cucumber yesterday and will have a bunch more in the next few days! YUM! I love cucumbers! Our tomato plants are growing well, they're just not getting pollunated... :( There are constantly blossoms on them, but there's only a few tomatoes on each plant. That's what we were looking foward to the most...dangit! My mom let a couple of my Beehives have a bed so they could grow their own garden for a Personal Progress project. Their garden is doing awesome! They're growing some Giant Pumpkins and have a few of those already at a really good size. Their cucumbers and watermelon are doing great. Their cantelope plants are big, but just aren't producing any female blossoms....weird... And their eggplant...well, we just won't even bother with it anymore. Gavin is loving all the yummy squash to eat every day. We just hope this garden keeps it up throughout the rest of the season!

My Beehives' (Katie and Allie Carlile) garden. Thatis one of their Giant Pumpkins they're growing. At the end of the season, they want to put it in the State Fair. They're also going to use this project for Young Women in Excellence! I'm so proud of them!

My cute little watermelon and pumpkin!

My lousy producing tomatoes and green beans! Lots of blossoms, but no produce...

These are my cucumber plants... :)

My crazy squash plants! I'm also growing butternut squash, but it's not doing too well. This is a picture of ONE of my three yellow squash you can see, it's LOADED! CRAZY! We've done some research on foods that will help bones heal, and on the list is squash, so good thing we've got squash!!
My produce for the day, minus my one green bean

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the MuLLinS said...

WOW!!! Is this in your tiny backyard?! And is this square-foot gardening? I've heard so much about it... I want a garden SO BAD!! How healthy are you eating!?! That's awesome!