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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tim Update

Ok, so we went to the doctors today and GOOD NEWS!!! He doesn't need surgery! The doc said that he broke his scapula in three places and that a couple of the breaks got REALLY close to the socket, but they didn't go all the way through! He was surprised that with a break that bad that it didn't go to the socket. We're really REALLY lucky and blessed! Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. You really have no idea what a blessing it is to our family for Tim to not have to get surgery! Oh yeah, I almost forgot...he doesn't have to wear a sling or anything either! The doctor said if it's uncomfortable without a sling, then go ahead and wear it. It's just whatever feels comfortable for Tim! I don't have to bathe and dress him anymore AND he can drive himself to work now! I can also continue working because he can take care of Gavin! This is GREAT! YAY! He goes back to the doc on Aug. 21 to get more x-rays to see if everything is healing. Hopefully he doesn't do something crazy before then!

My garden!

My garden this year has been CRAZY!! I've got a kitchen counter COVERED with zucchini and yellow squash. We've been eating that stuff every night for the past two weeks and we still have too much! Each of my yellow squash plants has about 20 squash on it, and I have 3 of those plants! My zucchini is slowing down a little. I'm only picking one, maybe 2 a day now instead of 3 or 4 a day. We've got 4 watermelons growing and 5 pumpkins!! One of them is pretty big already, but it hasn't turned orange yet. We picked our first green bean today, and Tim ate it before I could take a picture. We got our first cucumber yesterday and will have a bunch more in the next few days! YUM! I love cucumbers! Our tomato plants are growing well, they're just not getting pollunated... :( There are constantly blossoms on them, but there's only a few tomatoes on each plant. That's what we were looking foward to the most...dangit! My mom let a couple of my Beehives have a bed so they could grow their own garden for a Personal Progress project. Their garden is doing awesome! They're growing some Giant Pumpkins and have a few of those already at a really good size. Their cucumbers and watermelon are doing great. Their cantelope plants are big, but just aren't producing any female blossoms....weird... And their eggplant...well, we just won't even bother with it anymore. Gavin is loving all the yummy squash to eat every day. We just hope this garden keeps it up throughout the rest of the season!

My Beehives' (Katie and Allie Carlile) garden. Thatis one of their Giant Pumpkins they're growing. At the end of the season, they want to put it in the State Fair. They're also going to use this project for Young Women in Excellence! I'm so proud of them!

My cute little watermelon and pumpkin!

My lousy producing tomatoes and green beans! Lots of blossoms, but no produce...

These are my cucumber plants... :)

My crazy squash plants! I'm also growing butternut squash, but it's not doing too well. This is a picture of ONE of my three yellow squash you can see, it's LOADED! CRAZY! We've done some research on foods that will help bones heal, and on the list is squash, so good thing we've got squash!!
My produce for the day, minus my one green bean

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Tim

Tim went to the doctor's yesterday. He told Tim that he needed a CT scan to see if there were any fractures that went into the shoulder socket. If there is, then Tim needs to get surgery and have a plate put in to hold his scapula together. Well, Tim got his CT scan this morning and asked for a copy of it so we could look at it. He won't see the doctor until Friday to find out what the doctor thinks. We looked at the scan and to us, it definitely looks like there are a couple of little factures going right into the socket...exactly what we don't want. We'll see what the doc thinks. Here's some shots of the CT scan for you all to enjoy! (click to enlarge the photo)

Scapula 1
Scapula 2

Spencer Reunion

We went to Brian Head ski resort for a family reunion to celebrate me grandma's 80th birthday this past weekend. We had a ton of fun prior to Tim's accident. On Friday we went to Zion's National Park and hiked Angel's Landing. It was an amazing hike! Pretty hard, but definitely worth it. We made marshmellow guns and had a blast with those. In the evenings, we did the usual Spencer stuff...sing. My dad's family is full of musically gifted people, and whenever we get together, there's always music, whether it's singing or people playing the guitar or piano. I seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick...I'm not musically gifted AT ALL, so Tim and I just sat there and listened. On Saturday, a lot of the cousins and uncles went mountain biking. I think there may have been only one person who came home uninjured. haha I stayed behind with Gavin while Tim went out and tried to kill himself.


Over the weekend at a Spencer family reunion, Tim got in a mountain bike accident. Some cousins and he were going down a black diamond trail. It was the last run of the day, and he hit a jump that he had done 4 times before, wrong and he crashed. In the accident report that my cousin was filling out, he asked Tim how he would describe the wreck, and Tim replied 'gnarly', so that was what was put down on the report. He ended up breaking his left clavical and shoulder blade and had to get 4 stitches on his right shin. We'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I picked our first vegetable yesterday!! SO EXCITING! It's been really hard to grow a garden this year because of the crazy weather. When I planted our seeds, it got really cold for the next week or two which killed the majority of our seeds. Everything has been really slow growing because of the late summer, but my plants are finally snapping out of it and giving us delicious food! We grilled it last night and it was soooooo delicious! Tim just wants more and more. He's getting a little impatient. Hopefully within the next few days we'll have some yellow squash to eat too!

Tim's Birthday

July 7th was Timmy's b-day. I threw him a little surprise party on Saturday the 5th. Our friend, Cody Buell, took Tim golfing for the day while I cleaned and prepped. His wife, Courtney (we were roommates Sophmore year) came over and helped me get ready. Since it was the day after a holiday, a lot of Tim's friends were out of town, so it was just a little get together, but still nice. Scott and Trisha came over (about a minute after we said surprise!) and my parents and sister also joined us. I'm terrible at taking pictures of events because I get too caught up in the moment, so there aren't any pictures of the people who were there, but there are pictures of Tim opening presents! YAY! I bought him his favorite cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory for his birthday cake. It was White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake...yum!

His new, fancy pen for his new, fancy job

Tim loves pants so much

4th of July

So, honestly, I thought Gavin would be so stoked to see all the fire works, but he wasn't. He was terrified of them! AND he fell asleep during them. The closest to fireworks he would get was those glow sticks. Everything else he hated. Our kid is LAME! :)

We went over to my Aunt's house for the 4th and Tim was finally able to meet the last few of my cousins that he's never met before. They've been out in the middle east for the past 3 or so years and they just moved back to the States. I spent most of the time trying to get work off. I didn't do much else. Gavin and Tim had a great time playing with all the little kids, though. Too bad our 4th wasn't as eventful as I was hoping it would be (eventful meaning Gavin would do something crazy or super cute in response to the fireworks.). Oh well! It was still a nice, relaxing get together.

Gavin with his two 'fireworks'--------------->

He was loving it so much he could barely keep his eyes open!