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Monday, June 23, 2008

Updates galore!

We figured out the whole car ordeal finally. After searching for a while for a used car in the $3000 range that was in equivalent condition that our car was, and then finding nothing, we decided to keep our car. To fix it will cost $2000+, though. So for right now, we're not going to get it fixed. Tim went to the salvage yard and found a tail light and put that on, and then he pounded out a lot of the major dents so the light would fit better. He's going to replace the gas lid this weekend. He found one at the salvage over this past weekend. The insurance company gave use $3200 for the car, so that's helping a lot. We got the tires replaced and need to replace the windshield and then the car will be set for the safety and emmisions inspection in July. When the wet months come up, we'll probably start looking at getting a new car, but for right now, this is GREAT!!

Here's Tim's handy work:
We installed some under cabinet lighting the other week. Here's some before and after shots. You can't really tell what a huge difference it makes in these pictures since I took the pictures during the day. I'll take some tonight and replace these pics.

I went to Cali this past week for a few days with a bunch of girls. We went to Six Flags on Thursday and the Leno show on Friday. I only took two pics on my camera...haha and the rest are on the other girls' cameras, so once I get those, I'll post them. But for right now, this is all I've got!

Here's a pic of sign at the Leno show. Someone messed with the lettering and we thought it was funny!

And here is my sweet, cheesy child! I love this kid! I just had to add this in. He was enjoying a no-bake cookie for breakfast.

And now for some awesome news...Tim got a new job! YEAH!! He started two weeks ago for Cambridge Financial. He will be a Financial Advisor. Right now he's studying to take his tests for his liscences and then he'll be able to start work. We're hoping he'll be done with the exams by the end of July. The sooner he passes them the sooner we get Health insurance and more money! Enterprise was a great company, but the pay was terrible. It was becoming a real strain and there just wasn't any guarantee that he would be making more money in the next year or so. This new company will be paying him a lot more and we feel a lot better about this job. He'll be working 40 hour weeks instead of 60 and will have weekends off again and be able to take vacation days. PLUS he's back on salary pay with commission! YESSSSS!! Anyways! That's everything that's new! Lata!


Anita said...

He did a great job on the car, and as long as you can drive it, who cares what it looks like.
Thanks again for coming. It was so much fun :) Ill get you a copy of all the pictures. Some funny stuff, haha.

Jenifer said...

It looks like you've got it in working condition. Way to go! At least they gave you a little something for the car. Glad you had fun on your trip to Cali. It's always fun to spend time with friends.

Stringfellow Family said...

Where have you been??? It looks like you have been busy and having a BLAST!! I was trying to call you today but i kept dialing hte WRoNG I need your number! I don't have a cell phone anymore! Oh and oh my heck your house looks sooo AWESOME!
luv ya! call me or give me your number so I can call you!