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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's been way too long

Alright, so I've been receiving some complaints that I don't update this anymore. Well, that's true.'s why...Our laptop crashed about a month a half ago (the day before we moved into our house) and we just got a new desktop this week. So I'm updating you all right now, which is the very first chance I've gotten, so please quit your complaining because it's kinda getting on my nerves. :)
We had a pretty good Christmas this year. It was so fun having Gavin with us and actually able to interact. We also had money this year to buy eachother gifts for the first time! YAY!! That was really fun to surprise eachother. Tim actually did the best. He got me a snowboard and boots. We couldn't afford new ones, so he bought the board from a pawn shop and got the boots from a used sports store called Play It Again Sports. Well, since I had a board now, and he still didn't, we went out later that week and shopped around at pawn shops until we found him a decent board and boots. Tim's brother, Scott, is airbrushing our boards so they don't look so ghetto. They're going to be super sweet! We got to test out our boards last weekend. It was so fun going snowboarding again!
It's great being in our new home. We love it! I'll take some pictures soon. I took pictures before, but we lost our camera somewhere, so I never got to post them. I got Tim a new camera for Christmas/graduation. I'll try to get those posted soon. We're painting our place, so I'll show you pictures of the progress. There hasn't been much, but hopefully now that I don't have to work on Saturday's anymore and Tim is out of school (oh yeah! Tim finally graduated!) we'll have a bunch more time.
Anyways, here's some pictures from the past few weeks!

Gavin REALLY hates Christmas....

Classic Christmas pic

He liked his new trike for about 2 seconds and now wants nothing to do with it

Just like his dad, he LOVES shoes...seriously...

Some of you know about Gavin's little constipation problem, well, here it is at it's finest....poor kid

My sweet 80's looking board! It doesn't look like that anymore. Scott's gotten the first coat of paint on it.

Tim's, Scott's and my gingerbread house

Scott's and Tim's frosting snowman

Tim sporting his new Christmas sweater with Gavin's somewhat matching one(We did not do that on purpose, but it's cute!)

Scott, Tim and Gavin Sunday morning

Gavin REALLY hates snow

The boys (Scott and Tim) right after snowboarding
Um...that's us!
And Tim
And us again!We went to Red Robin afterwards and felt like showing off our hat hair. Tim's is pretty dang gross

Scott's looks pretty sweet
And I'm truly embarassed about my sick hair.