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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Broken Computer

So, it's definitely been a while. Our computer crashed and it took a couple of weeks for us to finally find the time to fix it. It is now officially working! YAY!! So, for some updates, whether you care or not!...
First off, our condo is still not so much of condo. Last week the completion date was moved to the beginning of Decemeber which probably means January now. We're looking for a house to buy now. We are so done with all the lies and waiting. We wish the builder would just be honest with and stop getting our hopes up. Don't EVER build a Hearthside home...EVER!! They're terrible! Definitely wouldn't recommend them.I get to start working from home this week. I am sooooo excited! It'll make the job so much more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, the job is great but it'll be even better from home!
Gavin turned 11 months yesterday!! CRAZY!!! That kid is growing up so quickly! It's insane! He totally can walk but he refuses to. We'll catch him taking something like 7 steps and when we make a sound or some how let him know that we're watching he'll stop, look around, and then slowly sit down. What a dork! Our friend Mary did a photoshoot with Gavin the other day. I'll post some (probably meaning 50...haha) of my favorite pictures that were taken. ENJOY!!

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Katie said...

Gavin is definitely my favorite nephew. He is way to cute for his own good, I just want to squeeze him do death. You guys are in a lot of trouble now that he can walk. Hehe! Hope to see you guys this weekend