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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nothing New

I was informed that it was time for another post, so here it is. We don't have much to update on, but of the few things that are going on, I'll start with the most depressing. We were informed that our condo won't be done until until the end of November now. Hopefully it's done before Gavin's first birthday (Nov. 20) so that we can have a sweet birthday party for him. We're actually just really hoping it's done before Christmas. Stupid builders! If they built the thing right the first time it would have passed the four-way inspection, but I guess they have fun doing things twice. They finally passed the inspection this past week instead of a month and a half ago. Oh well...whatever!
I'm almost done with training at JetBlue. I will "graduate" this upcoming Thursday! YAY! FINALLY! It's been a lot of fun, though. I've met some awesome people (shout out to Missy and Anita...holla!!) and eaten some delicious food. The hours have been a little hard. I work 4-midnight every night, so I don't ever really get to see Tim. Starting next Sunday, though, I'll start working my normal shifts, so only 26 hours a week. Once we get into our new place, I'll get to work from home, but until then I'm stuck in the call center at their headquarters. But anyways, GO JETBLUE!!
Gavin's 4th tooth has cut through...finally. He's like a whole new baby now that that tooth is through. He's so happy all the time now. I love it! He's hilarious! If I knew how to post videos, I would. If anyone out there knows how to do it, please tell me!! Gavin can also say a few words now. His first and favorite word is 'duck'. He can also say 'dog' for 'hot dog'. He chases the cat around saying 'cat, cat, cat' and sometimes 'kitty'. Sometimes he'll say 'shoe' and 'fish'. He'll say 'yes' if we ask him if he wants something. He won't say 'mom' or 'dad', though. He knows that all he has to do is whine and we'll come. He's a little brat! haha. He's growing up so fast, but it's so much fun! We love it!!
So, I'm really lame....I'm reading the Twilight books, again, for the third time! I'm retarded and bored. But these books are just sooooo cute and good. They still don't have the same effect they did the first time I read them, but they're still good. I want to be a vampire! That would be pretty hot.
We're going to get family pictures taken today! So I'll post some of those when I get them. We're super excited to finally have a family to take pictures of! So, I think I'm done with updates. I'll post some new stuff in the next few days, but until then...later!

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