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Friday, August 10, 2007

Family Reunion and Kentucky

We had the opportunity to go to a family reunion in Fallon, NV. It was the first time I've been around Tim's moms side of the family. I loved it! This is a picture of Gavin with his great grandpa Ralph...yes...the one he is named after! I Love it! That name has definitely grown on me and the more and more I get to know about Grandpa Ralph, the more and more the name fits Gavin. Tim knew where it was at!

We also got to go to Kentucky a week later and visit Tim's parents. It was so nice to go on a little vacation and see Gavin with his other set of grandparents. Tammy (Tim's mom) and I made plans for our condo for mostly the entire trip. Our place is going to be so sweet! I'm so excited to start decorating it; well, I guess it needs to be finished first, but I'm still excited!
Anyways! So Gavin a rocking horse at the grandparents' house and had a good time on it. Tim and I are so bad at taking pictures of everything we do, but for some reason we did take picture of Gavin on the rocking horse (the only thing we took pictures of!). We're lame...sorry!

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Edward & Kelli said...

trish.. are you moving to kentucky?? kelli