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Monday, July 16, 2007

Just stuff!

Here's some recent (as of yesterday) pictures of Tim and I. Really no point in these, just wanted to post them.

My friend came back from Hawaii and brought me back a coconut bra. Gavin loved playing with it so I put it on him to help him understand what it's purpose was...Tim wasn't too pleased with me doing this to his little baby boy...oh well!


Tim & Crystal said...

Hey! We should be back in October coz we're doing the extended program..just in time for the yr-end guys should come with us and get free stuff:) I can't wait to see your baby! He looks too cute! Apx is going well...we should hit the 2000 mark this summer so that's good news huh?! What's Tim doing? Did you guys end up working for his uncle? Update!

Jessica said...

So... I just read what you wrote about our house and thought I'd check back for an update. We'll have a guest room all made up for you. Just let us know when you're coming. I'll work on the mints for the pillows... Do you like dark chocolate??