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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finger Pictures: First checkup


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My finger had been soaking in water for 20 minutes prior to this trying to get all the dried blood soaked gauze off. This is why the skin at the top is white and super gross.  Supposedly this looks good...

This grosses me out. *gag* The dr. took the finger nail off, that is why it looks so weird. The dr. said he had placed the fingernail on to protect the injured nail bed and keep it separated from the normal skin during the first week of healing.  The example he gave my was this: if you grated up the inside of your ring finger and middle finger and then wrapped them together, they would start to fuse together.  If the nail bed wasn't separated from the normal skin during healing, the nail bed would fuse to the skin and then be permanently damaged and wouldn't be able to make a nail. He said he could have used a piece of tin foil in place of the nail and gotten the same results. Interesting...

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Judy Huntzinger said...

We wish you well in all of this. The pain must be just awful, but you don't mention it. So so sorry!