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Friday, April 27, 2007

Finger pictures #3

These were taken on Tuesday, February 29, 2012... 5 weeks 2 days after the accident, and the day after the doctor took the scabs off so things are a little drier and not as gross.

The scabs should have fallen off by themselves two weeks ago. Because they hadn't come off on their own and they kept oozing, he feared that new tissue hadn't grown underneath them, so he started to remove them to see what was going on.  As you can see, the skin graft part healed perfectly, and underneath the scabs there was absolutely nothing... just a crater. He kept peeling off more scabs to see if there was any nail bed left and he couldn't find any.  There may be some underneath the remaining scabs...who knows.  At this point, if the finger heals (and the chance of that is around 10%), it's going to be severely deformed.  You can read the full update HERE.

Here's what it looked like before the scabs were removed:

And the after photos:

There may be some nail bed tissue somewhere underneath the remaining scab.  There should be tissue filling in the entire space all around that little tip of skin you can see poking out.

My finger is even having a difficult time healing together where the stitches were.

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Lindsay said...

Those ARE sick. I'm so sorry, that sucks, really I feel so bad!