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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finger pictures #4

For the full story, go HERE.

I grew a finger Sunday night, so I didn't have to get it amputated.  These pictures are from Friday afternoon and then again on Monday rich when I got home from the hospital.  It's hard to tell in the photos what you're really looking at.  Things are still a little raw and bloody, but believe me, it looks good.  Even now, just a few days later, it looks even better! YAY!


Check out that fingernail growing.  It's little, but it's there!  And... the fingernail is growing all the way across

It's hard to tell, but there is fingernail and skin there.  

Friday, April 27, 2007

Finger pictures #3

These were taken on Tuesday, February 29, 2012... 5 weeks 2 days after the accident, and the day after the doctor took the scabs off so things are a little drier and not as gross.

The scabs should have fallen off by themselves two weeks ago. Because they hadn't come off on their own and they kept oozing, he feared that new tissue hadn't grown underneath them, so he started to remove them to see what was going on.  As you can see, the skin graft part healed perfectly, and underneath the scabs there was absolutely nothing... just a crater. He kept peeling off more scabs to see if there was any nail bed left and he couldn't find any.  There may be some underneath the remaining scabs...who knows.  At this point, if the finger heals (and the chance of that is around 10%), it's going to be severely deformed.  You can read the full update HERE.

Here's what it looked like before the scabs were removed:

And the after photos:

There may be some nail bed tissue somewhere underneath the remaining scab.  There should be tissue filling in the entire space all around that little tip of skin you can see poking out.

My finger is even having a difficult time healing together where the stitches were.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finger Pictures: First checkup


For the full update, go HERE.

My finger had been soaking in water for 20 minutes prior to this trying to get all the dried blood soaked gauze off. This is why the skin at the top is white and super gross.  Supposedly this looks good...

This grosses me out. *gag* The dr. took the finger nail off, that is why it looks so weird. The dr. said he had placed the fingernail on to protect the injured nail bed and keep it separated from the normal skin during the first week of healing.  The example he gave my was this: if you grated up the inside of your ring finger and middle finger and then wrapped them together, they would start to fuse together.  If the nail bed wasn't separated from the normal skin during healing, the nail bed would fuse to the skin and then be permanently damaged and wouldn't be able to make a nail. He said he could have used a piece of tin foil in place of the nail and gotten the same results. Interesting...

Finger Pictures

  ***WARNING! Very gross pictures!***
For the full update, go HERE.

This is about an hour after the accident.  That is nor a finger nail you is the nail bed.  The fingernail was pulled completely out.  The majority of the damage is on the side of the finger that is on the gauze.  On that side the bone is exposed and it is torn down almost to the knuckle, so about 1/2" is gone.

This is my finger on ice.  You can see the full nail.  Who knew that our fingernails go so far under the skin!?

This was halfway through the reconstructing procedure.  I didn't dare look at my finger before this part. If it was grossing Tim out, I knew it would definitely freak me out.  He informed me that he could see the bone and that blood was squirting out with my heart beats.  He said that he didn't realize how accurate horror movies are with the squirting blood.

This is when the doctor started to attach the nail.